From: Michael Forgey (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 02:15:32 EST

I have been told that 10 or 15 years ago a "reformed" version of Malayalam was
officially accepted which simplifies the rendering properties of the language. A
major part of reformed Malayalam deals with the rendering properties of
dependent vowel signs U, UU, and vocalic R (U0D41, U0D42, U0D43). The
representation of these vowels has been simplified to a single glyph for each,
eliminating various conjuncts and alternate representations for these vowels.
The glyphs for these vowels adopted in reformed M. are similar to the glyphs in
the Unicode manual, but each has a curved line extending upward.

Can anyone:

1. Confirm the above?

2. Tell me if U0D41, U0D42, and U0D43 are intended to be used for the reformed
vowels, even though the glyphs are not the same as in the Unicode manual; and,
if they should still be considered as non-spacing diacritics? Judging by their
appearance, to me it seems that they could be considered to be spacing

Thank you,
Michael Forgey
Gamma Productions

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