Unicode Office Closed

From: Steve Greenfield (steve_greenfield@taligent.com)
Date: Fri Dec 22 1995 - 16:41:15 EST

Attention Unicode Participants:

The Unicode Office will be closed during the coming Holiday Season:
December 22, 1995 through January 1, 1996. It will reopen on
Tuesday, January 2, 1996.

If there is an emergency that requires my assistance, you may leave me a
message at +1-408-777-5870, or e-mail me at "unicode-inc@unicode.org".
I will be checking my voice messages regularly. You may also fax material to
me at +1-408-777-5082.

For general information on upcoming Consortium events, check out our
home page at "http://www.unicode.org". If you would like to browse the
mapping tables made available by the Consortium, ftp to "unicode.org".

Thank you.

Steven A. Greenfield
Office Manager
Unicode, Inc.

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