JIS X0208 draft standard files now available

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (mtoyo@Lit.hokudai.ac.jp)
Date: Sun Dec 24 1995 - 04:30:11 EST

           JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) X0208 Draft Standard
   7-bit and 8-bit double byte coded Kanji sets for information interchange
         draft standard files for public review now available

                  Japanese Standards Association / INSTAC
                             Dec 20, 1995
The Appendices of JIS X0208-1996 Draft Standard are now available,
in addition to the standard/rationale files previously announced.

The DS (including Appendices) can be obtained from
  1. the authentic printed version from INSTAC (see below)
  2. PostScript version
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/x208-ps.taz (DS itself)
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/A2v1-ps.taz (DS Appendices)
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/rat-ps.taz (DS rationale)
  3. flat-file version
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/x208-txt.lzh (DS itself)
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/A1v1-tbl.lzh (DS Appendix-1)
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/A2v1-tbl.lzh (DS Appendix-2)
     ftp://ftp.tiu.ac.jp/jis/jisx0208/rat-txt.lzh (DS rationale)

Copyright notices
These files are copyrighted materials, published by Japanese Standards
Association / INSTAC.

However, the files may be reproduced and/or distributed exclusively for the
review purposes as long as the files be reproduced as a whole, the content
be not changed, and this copyright notice is kept intact.


Readers are expected to take note :

1. that the official text of the draft standard is the printed version distributed by the Japanese Standards Association, and the flat text / PostScript versions are only for convenience. 2. that these files are distributed only for review purposes, and are subject to change, thus conformance cannot be claimed upon.

Users of the PostScript version are reminded that, though in the `*.ps' files of the current distribution the Kanji font `HeiseiMin-W3-H' is replaced by `Ryumin-Light-H', which is much more popular, the correct printing should be done in `HeiseiMin-W3-H'.

Comments and questions are welcome at : ---------------------------------- jisx0208@tiu.ac.jp

For further information, contact : ------------------------ Japanese Standards Association (Nihon Kikaku Kyokai) / INSTAC Minato-ku, Akasaka 4 chome 1-24, Tokyo 107, JAPAN FAX +81-3-3582-0844 (24h) (no e-mail) or chair SHIBANO, Koji shibano@tiu.ac.jp, kshibano@mix.or.jp secretary TOKUNAGA, Eiji KFE01366@niftyserve.or.jp editor TOYOSHIMA,Masayuki mtoyo@Lit.hokudai.ac.jp _________________________ Masayuki TOYOSHIMA / Dept. of Japanese linguistics, Faculty of Letters, Hokkaido university, Sapporo 060 Japan / mtoyo@Lit.hokudai.ac.jp editor of the JIS X0208 draft standard

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