FYI: Unicode Web support

From: Bob Rosenschein (
Date: Thu Dec 28 1995 - 03:11:28 EST

I'll keep this short. Our company, Accent, is in about to add an entry to the
Unicode product catalog and release a Unicode-based Web browser and
authoring tool. The browser is standalone and based on SpyGlass Mosaic.
It can also be used as a NetScape helper-app. In the very near future, we will
ship a NetScape 2.0 plug-in version. If you're interested, you can write and
we'll send you more information. Check our Web-site:,
from which trial versions of the software can be downloaded at no cost.

In the Dec. 25 PC Week, Bill Machrone wrote an interesting column. Check
it out at While
I'm glad he mentions Accent,it is also a serious advancement in the general
trade press of the Unicode standard.

Bob Rosenschein
CEO, Accent Software International

internet: Bob Rosenschein <>

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