Unicode, Inc. Moving To New

From: Steve Greenfield (steve_greenfield@taligent.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 13:03:11 EST

The Unicode Consortium's Headquarters will be in transition for the next
few days. We are going to be moving to a new site; Microsoft Corporation's
PowerPoint Development Unit in Cupertino, CA. I will be out of touch, both
through the phone and fax, as well as through e-mail. In the event of an
emergency, please contact Mike Kernaghan, Vice President for Unicode, Inc.,
at "mike_kernaghan@unicode.org" (PH: 408-777-3690, FX: 408-777-0405)
or Joan Aliprand, Secretary for Unicode, Inc., at "joan_aliprand@unicode.org"
(PH: 415-691-2258, FX: 415-964-0943).

Thank you.

Steven A. Greenfield
Office Manager
Unicode, Inc.

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