unicode list maintenance

From: root
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 19:46:39 EST

Unicode friends... If you're administering a re-distribution
point for the Unicode mailing list, please take a moment
and try to find the source of the following bounce.

Sorry for the wide distribution, but this particular machine
(potogold? potogol? opus? rmii.com?) isn't on any of my lists,
and I can't find it. It must be on some re-distribution list.

Thanks much,

        -- Sarasvati

The bounced message is attached here:

>From uucp@potogold.rmii.com Thu Jan 25 22:30:08 1996
Return-Path: <uucp@potogold.rmii.com>
Received: from potogold.rmii.com by Unicode.ORG (NX5.67c/NX3.0M)
        id AA01703; Thu, 25 Jan 96 22:30:08 -0800
Received: by potogold.rmii.com (Smail3.1.28.1 #13)
        id m0tfhwV-0002tDC; Thu, 25 Jan 96 23:47 MST
Message-Id: <m0tfhwV-0002tDC@potogold.rmii.com>
From: uucp@potogold.rmii.com (UUCP administrator)
X-Mailer: SCO System V Mail (version 3.2)
To: potogold!Unicode.ORG!unicode
Subject: Undeliverable Mail
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 96 23:47:27 MST

This mail message is undeliverable.
(Probably to or from system 'opus')
It was sent to you or by you.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



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