Unicode in databases

From: Ivanoff Jyrki (ceejiv@KNCMAIL.KNCFI1.msgw.kcinet.com)
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 13:09:00 EST

Dear Madam or Sir,

My name is Jyrki Ivanoff and I am working for a company called KCI -
Konecranes International. It is a company specialized in the production of
cranes, the head office of which is located here in Hyvinkaa, Finland. The
amount of personnel is about three thousand, there is operation in 25
countries and it is the second largest crane manufacturer in the wolrd. The
department I am working for is called CEE (Cranes Export East). As one can
deduct from the name, we export cranes to the former USSR-region, especially
Ukraine and Russia. We also have independent subsidiaries in these

We are about to begining a software development project for controlling the
material flow from Finland to the CIS-countries.

Criteria for the new information system:
 - once information is keyd in, the right persons may use the same data for
different purposes => no retyping
 - even if some of the current structure remains, we need to have different
systems communicating with each other
 - multilingual interface with switching in between languages is a must; no
rebooting allowed (we need in beginning at least English,
  Finnish and Russian)
We want left an option to add more languages into our system, this is why we
are considering UNICODE as a charcter set.
 - all the actions has to rely on a dictionary used by the system => this is

the only way we can guarantee multilingual capabilities
  ( meaning engineers designing cranes with CAD cannot freely type text i.e.

bolt, bolts, bots, bot, bts. etc. but they are forced to select
    a word from a database rather than type one)

This was the background. We are going to use Oracle as our database solution
(the new version 7.2 will support unicode). Naturally we are eager to know
how others have solved problems similar to ours. We would like to know if
there are (and how we can get them) any papers consernig Unicode in
databases? Especially we are interested in combination of russian and some
non-basic- latin based languages.

Thank you for your time and
Best Regards,

Jyrki Ivanoff

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