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Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 14:57:59 EST

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Those decompositions were in error, and have been fixed in Unicode 2.0 and the
new character database.


Date: 96/02/23 07:16
To: Mark Davis
From: Geoffrey P. Waigh
While we are on the topic of Greek Tonos, I was wondering about the
decompositions listed for some of the characters in 1.1. The 1.0
GREEK NON-SPACING TONOS (U+0384) was unified with
COMBINING VERTICAL LINE ABOVE (U+030D) in 1.1, and U+0384 changed to a
spacing tonos character.
The various greek letters precomposed with tonos marks are listed as being
decomposed with U+0384 which seems inconsistent with all the other
decompositions. Is there a good reason for this?


Geoffrey Waigh

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