Version 2.0 and new members

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Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 19:22:24 EST

Subject: Version 2.0 and new members Time: 16:14 Date:

The Unicode Consortium is finalizing the text of Version 2.0 of the Unicode
Standard. The book includes a special section showing the Corporate, Associate
and Liaison Members as of the date of completion of the text. If your company
is planning to join the Unicode Consortium in the near future, you should take
this action as soon as possible so that your company's name will be included
in this list. To request a membership application, send e-mail to

Version 2.0 consolidates and expands on material from earlier publications
(Version 1.0 (volumes 1 and 2), and Version 1.1). In addition, it documents
decisions made by the Unicode Technical Committee since 1993, and includes
major new information about how to implement the standard.

Significant additions to the Unicode Standard in Version 2.0 are:

- a more comprehensive encoding of Korean Hangul
- encoding of the Tibetan script
- further specification of conformance
- surrogate character extension mechanism

The Unicode Standard maintains consistency with International Standard ISO/IEC
10646-1:1993, including recent amendments.

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