High-Ascii/Dagesh query

From: d.bratman@genie.com
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 17:18:00 EST

I was told by the Unicode Consortium to post my query here.

I have a Hebrew-language word processing program called Dagesh Lite. I was
informed by the manufacturers, Accent Software International, that they use
Unicode standards. According to the Dagesh manual, the program works by
remapping the screen fonts in high Ascii, with aleph=224.

It was my understanding that Unicode is a two-byte code, which if I am not
misunderstanding would not at all be the same thing as high Ascii. Is there
any relation between aleph=224 and Unicode?

Since my needs are fairly simple screen display needs (and possibly printer
needs, but that's not the point here), what I really want to know is how
standard the aleph=224 protocol is.

Thanks for anybody's assistance.

David Bratman

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