Sarasvati needs your help!

From: root
Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 12:12:23 EST

Hello? Attention please...

To all administrators of "reflector" or "redistribution" sites for
the Unicode mail list.

Please take a look at the following bounced message notice.
Do you have any machines on your distribution list that might match
"opus" or "potogold" or ""? This message gets returned to
me at least once with EVERY message that goes out on the Unicode
mail list. This has been happening for months, and it's beginning
to annoy even me.

I need to have other list administrators take a look at this and
help me track down the machine that's sending these bounce, and
find the intended addressee.

If the problem isn't cleared up soon, I'm going to stop sending
Unicode mail to any redistribution sites.

If you're administring a redistribution list, check it over.
If you're receiving Unicode mail from such a list, please
bother your administrator about this. I'd like to see it fixed.

Please help me out on this one. OK?


================== Here is the bounced message: ===================

>From Tue Mar 19 22:29:49 1996
Return-Path: <>
Received: from by Unicode.ORG (NX5.67c/NX3.0M)
        id AA20002; Tue, 19 Mar 96 22:29:49 -0800
Received: by (Smail3.1.28.1 #13)
        id m0tzHfv-0005OGC; Tue, 19 Mar 96 23:47 MST
Message-Id: <>
From: (UUCP administrator)
X-Mailer: SCO System V Mail (version 3.2)
To: potogold!Unicode.ORG!unicode
Subject: Undeliverable Mail
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 96 23:47:15 MST

This mail message is undeliverable.
(Probably to or from system 'opus')
It was sent to you or by you.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



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