Re: Sort in DBCS

From: Michael Kung (
Date: Sat Apr 20 1996 - 16:49:16 EDT

There are several ways you can do. The POSIX localedef model provides a
user-definable collation definition for the dictionary or phone book sort. In
that sense, there is no additional collation routine is needed using the
additional modifier method. Suehiro San of Digital JP presented this subject
some time ago in POSIX world. If anyone knows his email address, maybe we can
get more information from him..


> HOWEVER, I believe that major database vendors like Oracle and Sybase
> will "sort" Unicode (actually UTF-8) using Unicode order (ie. they
> don't sort!).
> My question is: what do do about this? Lots of applications (like
> ours) use the underlying databases to sort. Are sorting functions
> available? If anyone has a solution, I'd love to hear it. Maybe it
> will help Smita also.

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