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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Sun Apr 21 1996 - 23:44:08 EDT

Question 1:

  TeluguTeX has a consonant that does not appear to be in Unicode. It is
  transliterated as "Xh." It looks like TELUGU LETTER KA with a subscript
  (centered under the KA) that looks a bit like the conjunct form of TELUGU
  LETTER LA flipped around the horizontal axis and extended legs. The
  subscripted form also has a small tail sweeping down and to the right from
  the right side of the shape.

  There does not appear to be a conjunct form for this consonant according to
  the TeluguTeX documentation, but vowels apply to it the same way that they
  apply to the LETTER KA in akshara initial position.

  Can it be represented with some combination of other consonants or is it
  just missing at the moment?

Question 2:

  Regarding Telugu accents, some seem to be missing from Unicode like:

  UDATTA (one and two bar, could be represented from the general diacritics)
  ANUDATTA (could be represented with MACRON BELOW)

  Are there proposals for these yet, or are they missing for some good reason?

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