Re: Unicode CJK Language Myth

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 10:33:46 EDT

On the anecdotal front, our native and non-native users of Chinese and
Japanese found the text "legible" once it was pointed out, but there were some
complaints that it slowed reading speed to an uncomfortable pace.

Two questions for those of you in the commercial world:

  How many of your products actually on the market *do not* render Hanzi,
  Kanji and Hanja text with separate fonts (by separate I mean culturally
  tuned typefaces, as opposed to one typeface broken into separate fonts)?

  If your product(s) *do not* render Hanzi, Kanji and Hanja text with separate
  fonts, what has the user response been like?

These questions are a result of curiosity about software related human factors
as opposed to simply acting as a "gadfly" :-)
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