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Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 20:06:46 EDT

 Glen> Yes. Again, I think this is where the unicode consortium could do a
 Glen> lot of good by priming the pump with resources that made unicode
 Glen> implementation significantly less intimidating.

I like this idea!:-)

 Glen> Add to that public domain unicode-support class libraries,
 Glen> unicode-enabled versions of popular text editors, and a handful of
 Glen> public domain unicode fonts. On the net, "useful free stuff" tends to
 Glen> drive standards. ;-)

In progress. With the exception of Motif, our toolkit was developed
completely from freely available software, information and fonts from the

I am planning on releasing a version of it to the Internet for free later this
year. When exactly, has yet to be determined.

We currently support most of Unicode 1.1 with the glaring exception of the
Indic scripts (under construction - looking for fonts mostly). Some other
scripts not in Unicode yet are also supported. Conversion between Unicode and
around 60 different character sets is supported.

To forestall the obvious questions:

  It is implemented as a set of Motif widgets and support libraries for
  X11/OpenWin on Unix. It is written in C and the input methods are
  implemented in Tcl.

  No, we don't have a Windows version, though one is planned.

  No, we don't have a Macintosh version.

  We are looking into a version implemented completely in Java, but until a
  usable Java toolkit is available for Unix, we can only dabble.

  A version of Mosaic that uses the toolkit in under construction. I have no
  idea when I'll have that ready, so don't ask.
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