Bob G. Comments on BiDi in HTML/i18n draft

From: Jonathan Rosenne (100320.1303@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 07:22:46 EDT

>From: "Robert N. Goldrich" <bobg@ACCENTSOFT.COM>

> 1. The <TABLE> tag can also accept DIR. The first cell of
> a right-to-left table (used in Hebrew, Arabic) would be
> in its upper right hand corner. The use of DIR here is
> a must.

I support this request, although TABLE is not included in the i18n draft.

> 2. The <UL> and <OL> tags need DIR to specify on which
> side the bullets or numbering is to appear. This is not
> the same as the alignment of the list. Again, the use
> of DIR in list tags is required.

The i18n draft has a DIR attribute for UL, OL and DL in the DTD.

> 1. No BiDi layout should be performed on text marked with
> the <PRE> tag.

If this is intended to support existing Hebrew pages ("visual"), this
is not what PRE was intended for. They could be identified by the charset
(8859-8, rather than 8859-8i or 10646). Or a &rlo;/&pdf; could be added to each

If PRE and it's friends XMP and LISTING are defined to exclude HTML formatting
but not bidi processing, it is always possible to add bidi override codes to
suppess bidi processing, but is they are defined to exclude bidi processing
there is no way to activate it if one really wants just to use PRE the way it is
in English.


Jonathan Rosenne

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