Unicode stuff available

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Fri May 31 1996 - 16:31:25 EDT

The following things are now available via anonymous ftp:


  1. In the "fonts/" subdirectory there are two Mxedruli BDF fonts made from
     Johannes Heinecke's Mxedruli package for (La)TeX. One normal and one
     "capital" or title.

     These fonts are in Unicode 1.1 order with two non-Unicode characters
     needed for other Mxedruli based languages.

     F0F7;GEORGIAN LETTER SCHWA;Lo;0;L;;;;;N;;;;
     F0F8;GEORGIAN LETTER AE;Lo;0;L;;;;;N;;;;

     The extras are marked as being "Other Letter" because I'm not sure if
     they have Khutsuri equivalents like the other Georgian letters.

  2. There are three short Mxedruli sample texts in UTF8 form available in the
     "text/" subdirectory. Two are Georgian and one is Ossetian. The
     Ossetian example uses the non-Unicode characters.

     These texts were typed in from the documentation supplied with Johannes
     Heinecke's Mxedruli package.

     There is no markup or byte-order mark in the UTF8 texts. They are in
     MSByte to LSByte order.


  1. "arabic16.tar.gz" contains an Arabic BDF font in Unicode 1.1 order with
     176 extra contextual forms in the Private Use Area (U+E600-U+E6FF) and
     the Persian rial sign. For the moment, it is missing the Urdu digit 4 in
     favor of the Farsi digit 4. The only ligatures currently in the font are
     the Lam-Alef ligatures. It contains about 600 glyphs in all.

     The other file in the archive documents the characters in the Private Use

Over the next few months, I'll be making various Unicode fonts, text samples
and other tools available at this site.

Expect most of these resources to be oriented toward Unix/X11/Motif and some
toward MS Windows.

The other multilingual resources already at this site have not been updated in
a long time (don't ask; it is a long story), but I will be updating these over
the next few months as well.
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