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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Jun 01 1996 - 08:47:00 EDT

>In message <9605311159.AA09724@Unicode.ORG> Michael Everson wrote:
>> The following documents are now available:
>> (Khmer)
>> (Burmese)
>> (Sinhalese)
>> ...
>> May I suggest that
>> those of us interested in Khmer ... take the discussion off-line, as
>> it is likely to get pretty technical.

John Clews said:

>May I suggest that you DO NOT take it off-line. All decent email lists have a
>lot of technical items on - you can always press Delete for items you do not
>want to see.
>> This is anyway the way in which
>> Unicode experts and WG2 experts are endeavouring to cooperate.
>One major problem in standards development has been that it has too often
>been left to too few experts. There are rarely few problems being caused by
>being too open, many more by being too closed - and you get further problems
>that you have to sort out later.

Well I do not really thik that all the subscribers of or of really want to see
discussions of subjoined consonants, independent vowels, and
transliteration systems. For my part I have set up an alias to include
everyone who has expressed an interest in discussing Khmer
(,,,,,,, It's easier to have these
discussions privately (after a public invitation of course). Call us the
ad-hoc Khmer committee if you like.

>> The Khmer proposal has an issues list attached regarding the repertoire.
>I would be very interested to see that.

Well you can with a click of your browser.

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