"News" list for Unicode announcements

From: Joan Aliprand (BR.JMA@RLG.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 12:14:32 EDT

The Unicode Consortium has set up an additional distribution list,
"news@unicode.org", to separate general-interest announcements from
detailed discussions of particular topics.

- "news@unicode.org" will have announcements of Unicode-related
  publications, papers, conferences, products, and other events, and will
  be moderated.

- "unicode@unicode.org", will remain, and will continue to be unmoderated.
  It should be used for lengthy discussions of specific topics.

If you are on the "unicode@unicode.org" list, you will receive the
"news@unicode.org" announcements automatically.

Reqests for additions and deletions should be sent to
"unicode-request@unicode.org". Use the appropriate body text as your

   Body Text Result
"subscribe unicode" = you will be added to "unicode" (and to "news")
"subscribe news" = you will be added to "news" only
"unsubscribe unicode" = you will be removed from "unicode"
"unsubscribe news" = you will be removed from "news"


-- Joan Aliprand
   Secretary, Unicode Consortium


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