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From: Hohberger, Clive P. (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 13:25:00 EDT

Many times I see discussions about things that will affect me in the future
are not immediately relevant today. That's what floppy disks are for. I
build my database
of info and more importantly CONTACTS for the future this way.

Zebra has developed a new barcode, called Ultracode (r) which implements
(actually ISO 10646-1). We do business in 70 countries right now... and
someday I will have
to implement Khmer, !Kung and Klingon for all I know!... so I will value
these discussions sometime.

Please stay on-line!

Clive P Hohberger, PhD
VP, Technology Development
Zebra Technologies
Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061-3109 USA
From: John Clews
To: unicode
Subject: Re: unibounce and Brahmi
Date: Monday, June 10, 1996 11:01AM

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Michael Everson writes:

> I swear I only sent it once.

That may be why it is a good idea to have discussions on a mailing list, as
originally suggested. That can handle such strange things: informal set ups
can cause informal problems,

What do other members of unicode@Unicode.ORG think? Is it a problem having
some discussion on Burmese and Khmer on the list or not?

John Clews

   John Clews (Chairman of ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of Written Languages)

SESAME Computer Projects, 8 Avenue Rd. * * email:
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