Re: Need help on Unicode Databases.

From: Michael Kung (
Date: Fri Jun 14 1996 - 11:05:41 EDT

Oracle supports Unicode (UTF-8) since Oracle 7.2 release. The code set
conversion is performed between the client and server transparently. Please
contact your local Oracle office for more information.

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Anybody on this alias able to help out these people from Bangalore?
Please reply directly to the people on CC line.

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>From: (K. Madhusekhar)
>Subject: Need help on Unicode Databases.
>To: asmus@Unicode.ORG
>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 11:33:07 +0500 (IST)
>Cc: (Nagesh Babu),
> (Sridhar Parthasarathy)
>Hi Mr.Asmus Freytag,
> I am Madhusekhar, I got your email address from one of
> your articles in MSJ. I have gone through them and found
> them really useful in understanding Unicode as such.
> We at Tata Unisys Limited, Bangalore, India are planning
> to develop an application using Unicode support for an
> international market. My question to you is are there
> any databases which support Unicode or DBCS/MBCS so
> that we can store any Language data directly in the
> database. I would also like to know if any Databases are
> likely to support Unicode in the near future.
> We have as of now, chosen to develop on Visual C++ 4.0,
> With Windows NT 3.51 as the platform. We still are
> on the look out for a database. Do you know of any
> custom controls which have Unicode Support. Kindly
> let me know where i can find more information on
> how to develop applications for an international
> Audience. Any sites which provide such information
> could also suffice or any list servers which deal with
> such issues.
> I would like to hear from you at the earliest. I would
> be glad to clarify any of my queries.
> Thanking you in anticipation.
> Madhusekhar
> Tata Unisys Limited
> 80 feet Road,
> Indira Nagar,
> Bangalore 560 038
> Karnataka
> India
> Phone : 91 80 5284681
> Fax : 91 80 5284491

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