[FYI] OMG issued RFI on Asian Input Facility(Method)

From: Joshua Y Arai (Joshua_Arai@justsystem.co.jp)
Date: Fri Jul 19 1996 - 00:52:58 EDT

Dear Unicode members,

The Object Management Group (OMG), the organization defining the CORBA
standard for object interoperability, recently issued a Request For
Information (RFI) on Asian Input Facility.

I would like to call for your attention to this significant movement
in yet another interoperability issue for true internationalization,
namely, input facility ("facility" is a OMG terminology. More
commonly, "input method").

The purpose of RFI is to collect information on what and how character
input methods are used on various system platforms, and to identify
the common architecture framework to make input facilities/methods
available for CORBA objects across system platforms.
 After this RFI process closes, OMG will initiate a standardization
process for a common framework for input facilities (methods), so that
a compliant input facility can be used and shared equally by CORBA
objects and services.

Those of you working in the area of input facility (method) and
character code sets, especially, are welcome to take a look at the
RFI document and to respond. You don't have to be an OMG member to
respond to this RFI. The submission due for RFI submission is Oct 16,
1996. The RFI document can be obtained from
http://www.omg.org/pub-doclist.html Look for cf/96-06-03 "Final
version of CF RFI5 (Asian Input Facility)"


Joshua Arai

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