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From: Kai-hsu Tai (
Date: Tue Jul 23 1996 - 13:47:11 EDT

We have a few proposals concerning Taiwanese languages
which I would like to direct to appropriate ISO
committees. We tried our best to document them and
we will try to provide supporting information upon
the committees' request. Please inform us what you
think is best for us to do.

The main document [TP 1] in PostScript format is at

We would like to make the following proposals:

* ISO 639-2: Include the languages and the
suggested codes in Table 9.1 of [TP 1]. Although we
suggest inclusion in the form we presented, we do not
mind changing a few codes or including only some of the
languages listed.

* ISO 8859: Include TP 1, the code listed in Table 2.1
of [TP 1] upon its finalization, as one of the ISO 8859
character set series. The character set currently only
has two of the 13 languages we plan to cover. We will
investigate and hopefully finalize the table by the end
of 1997.

* ISO 10 646: Include the characters listed in Table
1.1. As long as all the characters can be rendered
correctly, we don't mind if it is rendered as a
composed character or a regular single character.
The unresolved characters are: HO-LO LETTER O-TIAM
(no, it is not the Viet Namese o-hook) and HAK-KA

Politically, we don't have any support from any
support from any state. Republic of China, the
country that occupies Taiwan, do have a standard
body, the Chinese National Standard. But they don't
bother to do any standardization of these languages
and they are not a member of ISO. We hope we don't
have to be a state or a member of the ISO to do this,
as these languages all have at least 100 years of
existence and the script of some are probably as old as,
say, Viet Namese.

Kai-hsu Tai
on behalf of the organization
Taiwanese Languages in the 21st Century

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phone +1 818 395 1399 (leave messages if I am not there)
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