From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 18:12:14 EDT

    Michael> Should Uighur HEH be represented by U0647? According to several
    Michael> sources, Uighur includes a HEH character but does not have the
    Michael> "usual" presentation forms. The isolate form is identical to the
    Michael> "usual" initial form (like an '8' on its side). And the final
    Michael> form is identical to the "usual" medial form (like an upright
    Michael> '8').

This is a good question.

From an implementation perspective, it is generally easiest to add it (and
maybe its presentation forms) into the Private Use Area. Otherwise some
language-specific processing might have to be done if Uighur Heh is
represented as U+0647.

I'm curious how others handle these situations.
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