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In Helsinki at the WG2 meeting in 1995 there were Uighur and Qazaq members
present, who provided me with some information. I will check my notes on
decisions which were taken. ME

At 17:56 1996-08-06, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Have a look at U+06D5 (Arabic Letter AE; Uighur, Kazakh, Kirghiz). I suppose it
>was given a separate entry because its behavior differs from Arabic ha
>Kamal Mansour
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>From: Michael Forgey on Tue, Aug 6, 1996 5:14 PM
>To: unicode@Unicode.ORG
>Should Uighur HEH be represented by U0647?
>According to several sources, Uighur includes a HEH character but does
>not have the "usual" presentation forms. The isolate form is identical
>to the "usual" initial form (like an '8' on its side). And the final
>form is identical to the "usual" medial form (like an upright '8').
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