Re: Ancient Complex Languages (was Unicode, Cure-all or Kill-all?)

From: Alain LaBont/e'/ (
Date: Sat Aug 10 1996 - 20:05:07 EDT

At 15:30 1996-8-10 -0700, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>The responses so far seen from Western experts to Prof. Huang's message, while
>providing explanations of how we got here, mainly bureaucratic in nature,
remind me
>of our situation a few years ago - having to explain to people who are
>but are not really users of the language why their solutions are unuseable.
>example, many people could not understand why our concept of a vowel is not
the one
>they are familiar with.
>Even now, Alain rejects our statement that certain Hebrew characters do not
>participate in the sort.

This is unfair to say this, Jonathan. I wish all Hebrew characters to be
processed correctly. However the input provided by Israel on some combining
characters will fail, without any doubt, and I tried to demonstrate it to
you, to produce a predictable order. There is a way out of it, but not the
way you proposed it. I want my best to have the best cultural sort in Hebrew
and alos something that will give results that all users will expect to be
the same all the time. So this allusion is not a good case in point.

Alain LaBonti

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