Re: Unicode, Cure-all or Kill-all?

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 03:21:44 EDT

On Sun, 11 Aug 1996, Timothy Huang wrote:

> >
> > > How many computer systems in Taiwan followed the Taiwan
> > > National Standard CNS 11643?
> >
> > That's a good question. I'm quite curious where I can find software
> > (expect my own CJK package for LaTeX2e + Mule) which supports CNS.
> >
> Yes, there is a (at least) better solution -- ANSI Z39.64 EACC/CCCII.
> It's been used by the libraries all over the world.

I'm only a small private without a large budget. I know that the CCCII
bitmaps are on the net, but the bitmaps are rather inconsistent. And is
there any software (perhaps as a demo) to work with CCCII available for

> There is NONE system using CNS11643, including the organization who made
> (III) and published (CNS) the standard. That standard is for fool to
> believe.

Really? I can work with it very well. I use Wittern's database of his
KanjiBase for Windows to extract a 4corner method to access them (and
partially where possible another method using pinyin). The bitmaps are
consistent, and with a resolution of 40x40 quite useful for printing.

I've heard that an 8th plane is under construction which will also
contain simplified characters (to make a Unicode->CNS conversion possible).
Who can verify this? When will it be released?

> remember: The EACC/CCCII is the only coding scheme shows the
> relationship between the characters, no others dare or even both to deal
> with this nature of the Chinese characters. And that show how well the
> Chinese scholars (if any) of their camp did the job -- they did not even
> have the gut or don't have the sense to face this issue.

To use this with a computer there must be tables available. Where can I
get them on the net?

> Yes, the CCCII is under revision. 75,684 characters were released in
> 1989. However, due to all kind of reasons, the revision is very slow
> coming. Mainly, no body is paying for the bill, and Professor Chang is
> very sick now. Very little works are undergoing by some individuals in
> their spare time. I am one of them. Does anyone out there know some rich
> foundations would like to sponsor and carry on this great project?

At least I would like to look at. Please tell us where to get documents
(in English; my Chinese is not good enough :-(.


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