Re: Unicode & Han

From: Arnt Gulbrandsen (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 07:29:55 EDT

Professor Huang,

it seems to me that your real problem is that your national standards
body (CNS, I understand) isn't doing its job, leading the problems
with Unicode, and presumably with every other international standard
where there aren't other countries with exactly the same interests and
knowledge as Taiwan.

The appropriate response, then, is not to try to fix Unicode (or any
other single standard the CNS has made a hash of) but to fix the CNS.
For that, you need to talk to the media and politicians in Taiwan, not
the Unicode consortium.

I am perfectly aware of the problems with Taiwan's status as a
semi-nation, but those problems have been worked around before and if
the CNS is unable to, that's just one more complaint to carry to the
politicians and media.


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