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From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 13:45:27 EDT

>> Then do something about it:, roll up your sleeves and join the IRG.
>> There you'll have a chance to prove whether you can contribute or
>> whether you can merely make small noises. If you are unfamiliar with
>> the TCA representatives to the IRG, I can provide you and introduction.
>> Regards
>> Glenn Adams
>Dear Glenn,
>Thanks for your reply. That makes me to think a great deal.
>Regarding to joining the organizations/meetings, etc. My question is
>this -- Who will pay my trip and bills? You are very lucky to have your
>company to pay for everything, but I have to pay for everything myself,

You could ask Apple, IBM, Adobe, Acer or a number of other companies for a
grant to cover your expenses. Or for a full-time job. There are many other
possibilities for funding.

>So, like the "gang of four" of the Chinese Character Analysis Group, we
>work on the Chinese computing where we can privately. During the past
>almost 20 years, in the field of Chinese computing, I wrote several
>books: An Introduction to Chinese, Japanese and Korean Computing (1989,
>in English)

Is that still in print? Who is the publisher? I need to buy that.

>Timothy Huang

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