Re: Apple's Unicode (was: Unicode & Han) (fwd)

From: Ronald S. Wood (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 16:48:19 EDT

Dear Michael,

I had a look on your page and lo! there is the Extended Greek plane. I
hadn't checked since last fall, so you must have been busy.

Enclosed is a GIF of a) Nestle-Aland editorial symbols and b) metrical
symbols. I used the SymbolGreek font published by Linguist's Software in WA.

Besides the editorial symbols, I might add that old German Black Letter
forms are sometimes used to denote editions of texts in apparatus
critici. Only Black Letter forms used in mathematics are in the standard.

I have not attempted to survey what other symbols may be of use, but I am
dealing with a textual database that contains an unruly number of
miscellaneous symbols (viz. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae). I doubt it shall
be necessary to include symbols for 10,000 drachmas, 7 chalkoi or 1/2
obol in Unicode, for instance.

As for b), I have only included a sample, but I don't think there are that
many more that are really needed. As I mentioned, they may already exist
under different names.

Michael, if I wanted to include your fonts in a product, what are the
terms? The first thing I want to do is release a shareware program that
uses Unicode internally, and it might be useful to have one set of fonts
that I know will cover all the codepoints. E-mail me privately, if you will.

-Ronald S. Wood.
 Halifax, N.S.

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