Re: Unicode & Han

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 22:22:48 EDT

>Check out my web pages -- lots of Apple stuff
>and Standards stuff there!

Thanks, I will.

>Unfortunately the site isn't answering right now. Will it run under 7.5.3?

Yes, it will. The web site was down due to the power failures afflicting
the west coast on Saturday.

>>All of the character set support for internet access in CyberDog is based
>>on using Unicode as an intermediary. It also has some direct Unicode
>>(UTF-8 and UTF-7) support (I don't know how much made it in; I'm on a
>>trip right now and haven't had a chance to test it).
>This sounds really interesting. I've been waiting to find something that
>can use all my Everson Mono 10646 fonts.

It still doesn't support full Unicode rendering; it will convert incoming
Unicode to the current system script, but not multiple scripts (maybe in
2.0; the underlying support is there).
>Need any informed testers?

Thanks for your interest! It's already gone final, I believe, but you're
welcome to try the beta version that's on the web site
( until the final version is posted.


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