Beta test of Unicode software for Windows

From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 02:40:45 EDT

Alis Technologies is offering a CD-ROM of its Tango multilingual Web
Browser 1.5b (Beta test version with 16 languages) at

This is for Windows 3.x and Win95. Versions of the form in other languages
(nihongo, jungwen, suomi, etc.) are available by selecting from the
language menu on the home page at

>Tango TM. A rich, full-featured browser that lets you indulge your
>Internet appetites in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, English...
>you name it. So, whether you are an individual Internet user, a service
>provider or a corporation, Tango serves up the world.

I have sent an inquiry to Alis <> about its Unity multilingual
E-mail program, which presently supports Latin alphabet languages of Europe
(western, eastern, northern), Turkish, Greek, and Cyrillic. When they get
around to adding other languages, I will ask if we can all have Beta test

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