Upcoming Events at Unicode.ORG

From: root
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 14:53:10 EDT

Dear Unicode Subscribers...

In the coming weeks we will be making some Significant Changes in
the mail and FTP services now available through "Unicode.ORG".

We are planning to transfer our mailing lists to another system at
a different physical location. At that time, we will be changing
the software we use to distribute mail. We hope to move to more
standard LISTSERV type software. This will mean the automation of
the subscription process and other mail list functions which are now
handled by fleshly creatures. The transition should be smooth, but
from time to time there may be a larger number of annoying glitches
than there are now. We ask you to bear with us.

Best wishes for a safer and more automated tomorrow.

Your servant,

root@unicode.org "Mandoa is Mandoa"

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