Unicode Conference Web pages

From: Misha Wolf (MISHA.WOLF@reuters.com)
Date: Wed Aug 14 1996 - 17:00:39 EDT

Due to the large amount of network traffic, the Stonehand site is very slow.
An alternative location for the Web pages giving full details of the
forthcoming Unicode Conference is:


If you wish to establish links to the Conference pages, I suggest you point
to this site, as it is more suited to receiving large amounts of traffic.

Misha Wolf
Technical Review Board Co-Chair
Ninth International Unicode Conference


With Reuters' help we've created a set of beautiful web pages that announce the Unicode Conference and give up to date track listings, registration information, etc.

I want to encourage everybody on this list to place a link to these pages onto any web-site to which they contribute, be it internal web-sites in their companies, or company external web-sites (especially for those of you who are speaking and introducing your company's products and technology for Unicode support at the conference).

The URL is:




Asmus Freytag VP Marketing The Unicode Consortium

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