Re: Unicode & Han

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 11:18:50 EDT

At 7:20 AM 8/11/96, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Another suggestion to the Unicode, I think
>it should invite some companies, scholars, and end users from other
>countries to be in the very kernel, not just the rich American

The Unicode Consortium has invitied all participants since its inception.
It's membership consists of many individuals representing themselves.
The original work to create the Unified CJK Repertoire was itself largely
a product of scholars, end users, and a few companies.

Why don't you bother checking the facts before you repeat hearsay? This
is just one of a number of reasons that your contributions aren't worth
the paper (or bytes) they consume.

I myself began my work with the Unicode Consortium when I was in a company
of 6 people and I largely paid my own expenses to attend meetings, including,
I might add, more than one IRG meeting in East Asia. If you want to make
something happen, do something about it; don't merely whine that you are
a poor academic. You won't get any sympathy from these quarters.

Glenn Adams

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