Re: Sample of symbols useful in Classics (was: Apple's Unicode)

From: Martin J Duerst (
Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 04:09:58 EDT

Edward Cherlin wrote:

>No, no, please, no. Please nobody use APL characters for something other
>than APL. They have weird spacing (monospaced) and semantics (written
>left-to-right, parsed right-to-left, with very specific meanings).

Just for the record: The associativity of the APL operators (including
user-defined) is right-to-left, but this does not say anything about
parsing direction. I would guess most APL interpreters parse from
left to rigth and build up an expression tree that is then further
processed. Reading a line and then parsing from right to left
may also be possible, but not very usual. Anyway, I think the
associativity of an operator is nothing that Unicode wants
to include in their property database :-).

Regards, Martin.

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