Ideograph Standardization Activities

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1996 - 08:39:49 EDT

Various people on this list have either claimed or implied that native
speakers (in East Asia) are not active in this work. This is precisely
the opposite of the truth. The primary work on East Asian ideograph
repertoire and coding issues is being undertaken by the Ideographic
Rapporteur Group (IRG) as a subgroup of JTC1/SC2/WG2. This rapporteur
group has been given the authority by WG2 and SC2 to research and
develop all issues relating to East Asian Ideographs. Currently,
membership in the IRG includes 6 national bodies, China, Japan, Korea,
Singapore, US, and Vietnam, and three liaison organizations, HKITF (Hong
Kong Information Technology Federation), TCA (Taipei Computer Associates),
and the Unicode Consortium. Each of these organizations has actively
participated in the IRG for a number of years now.

The primary accomplishments of the IRG to date are the Unified CJK
Ideograph Repertoire V2.0 containing 20,902 ideographs that appears in
ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 and the Unicode Standard, and more recently, the
Unified CJK Ideograph Extension A V1.1, containing 6,585 ideographs.
Ongoing work in the IRG consists of further Extensions B and C, a set
of Ideograph Structure Characters, an Ideographic Variation Mark,
Ideograph Component Repertoire, and Ideograph Radical Repertoire.

The now meets 2-3 times per year, with the next meeting scheduled in
Singapore in mid Januaray 1997. If some person believes they are not
being represented properly in the IRG, then it is their responsibility
to contact and influence their own country's or organization's
representatives to the IRG. If you are a member of the Unicode Consortium
and believe you are not being adequately represented, then you should
make this known to the Unicode Technical Committee. In the past, the
primary representatives of the consortium to the IRG have been Lee Collins
(Apple), John Jenkins (Apple), and myself. Frequently, this representative
also has represented the US National Body; occassionally, more than one
of us have been present in which case one has represented the US and the
other, the Unicode Consortium.

If persons still have an issue about Ideographs in the standard, then I
would suggest that due effort be made to contact your appropriate
representative. It does little good to complain to this list that
nothing is being done to meet ones needs unless you are making an effort
to do something about it. Whining on this list does not constitute
an adequate effort.

Glenn Adams


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