Re: Broken mapping table(s) on Unicode FTP site

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 15:03:57 EDT

Thanks for calling this to our attention. This problem has been
addressed, and the FTP site now has the same information that is in the
new book, for Unicode 2.0.

If you find any more errors in the tables, please post them here and to

Mark Davis

Misha Wolf wrote:
> Some months ago my colleague, Charles Wicksteed, noticed major problems in
> the cp932.x (Microsoft Shift-JIS) mapping table on the Unicode FTP site.
> In the subsequent exchange of mails, Lori explained that a corrected file
> had been supplied and was available in the CD-ROM area of the Unicode FTP
> site. I suggested that someone should correct the bad file <>.
> Today I see it is still broken. Someone (who?), please fix it.
> I don't know whether there are other broken mapping tables on the FTP site.
> Lori, it would be good if someone at Microsoft could check the other files
> supplied by Microsoft, to make sure they are OK.
> BTW, how do I access the CD-ROM area?
> Regards,
> Misha

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