Level 1 and Level 2

From: Michael Everson (everson@indigo.ie)
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 13:18:39 EDT

At 19:20 1996-08-28, Martin J Duerst wrote:
>Of course, processing is more complex than at level 1, but it depends
>very much on what you are doing. And level 1 excludes important
>groups of scripts altogether, and also excludes pointed Arabic and

I've never been convinced that Level 1 and Level 2 of 10646 differ in any
significant way. The "combining characters" which are actually Devanagari
vowels, for instance, are only combining in the sense that their glyphs
behave in a particular way as regards to the preceding character. There has
been some discussion in WG2 regarding this, and I think in WG3 regarding
the situation of Thai (level 2) and of Vietnamese (level 3) in 8859.

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