From: Hohberger, Clive P. (
Date: Sat Aug 31 1996 - 21:27:00 EDT

Dear Frank,
I can't comment on KOI-8 but I can assure that GOST-- now known as
Gosstandart RF in English
is alive and well (A/K/A "the All-Russia Institiute of Standards"). At least
it was when I gave a lecture there last April on a new barcode technology
which I had developed, Ultracode, which is designed to encode the entire ISO
10646-1 character set, with Unicode 2.0 as its default character set.

You might contact Dr Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev, Head of the Department of
Automatic Identification,
Gosstandart RF, 31 Nakhimovsky Prospect 117418 Moscow. Telephone +7 (095)
245-7028. As I recall, his English was very good. I'm sorry, but I don't
have an E-mail address for him.

I will ask my colleagues in Russia about KOI-8 and report back to the
Unicode mailing list what I learn.

(I promised that I will put in the index of Unicode products on the Web
Site, soon. For more information on Ultracode contact me off line at

Clive Hohberger
Zebra Technologies Corporation
From: Frank da Cruz
To: unicode
Subject: KOI-8
Date: Saturday, 31 August, 1996 5:13PM

Totally off the subject of recent topics, and for that matter UNICODE
itself (sorry), but does anyone know what the USSR GOST 19768-87 so-called
"New KOI-8" character set is/was? (As opposed to 19768-74 "Old KOI-8" which
is widely used in netnews, etc.) Is it the internal national equivalent of
ISO 8859-5 / ECMA-113, or is it something entirely different?

Also, does anybody know if GOST still exists, and if so, under what name?



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