Final Call: OMG requests info on multilingual input facilities

From: Joshua Arai (
Date: Fri Sep 13 1996 - 14:13:24 EDT

Dear Unicoders,

For those of you working in the area of input facilities,
such as, but not limited to, singlebyte to multibyte
conversions, alphabet to local characters, and phonetic
representations to pictoglyphs, this is a final call for
contributing your expertise and visions to Object Management
Group (OMG). OMG is an organization which standardizes and
promotes the CORBA object technology.

    OMG is currently requesting for information on
Asian Input Facility [CF RFI5: Asian Input Facility].
OMG is pursuing for defining a common interface for
input facilities so that CORBA objects can
share input facilities in cross-platform environment
if input facilities adopt defined IDL interface.
Although the RFI is titled with "Asian" as a prefix,
the RFI does not limit submitters to those who are
concerned with Asian characters. If you are working with
"non-Asian" input facilities and believe incorporation
of your needs are essential, please feed your information and
interests to OMG.

    Submissions to this Request for Information will be closed
on October 16, 1996. Submissions are to be reviewed by
OMG's Common Facility Task Force in November, and interface standard
will be proposed thereafter.

   For your convenience, the RFI document is attached to this mail.
The file is in RTF. For further information, visit OMG's home page, or email me (
Thank youf

Best regards,

Joshua Arai

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