Re: UTF-8 reg tags...

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Mon Sep 16 1996 - 09:46:24 EDT

unicode@Unicode.ORG writes:

> Instead of putting the version in the tag, perhaps the
> UTF8 protocol should define an optional version stamp that can be
> included with the encoded data (probably at the beginning).
> Kind of like the optional byteswap marker available in unicode.
> If the version stamp exists at the beginning of the string then
> all readers know the UTF8 version and can adjust and accomodate
> if ever there is a change in the protocol (and if the relevant affected data is
> encoded). The version stamp might indicate
> the version of Unicode/10646 (UCS4, UCS2 1.1, 2.0, etc.),
> in addition to the version of the UTF-8 protocol employed.

We discussed subset stamps in the recent WG2 meeting in Quebec.
We are aiming of defing sufficient subset stamps to identify
various versions of IS 10646 - in the 300-series of subsets.


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