Re: UTF-8 reg tags...

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Tue Sep 17 1996 - 10:59:28 EDT

At 3:02 PM 9/16/96, Francois Yergeau <> wrote:
>Why then is the UTC *opposed* to registering "UTF-8" (you did ask that I
>withdraw my draft) ?

I wouldn't say that the UTC is definitely opposed to this in
principle; rather, that the issues which have been brought up
here have not been fully addressed in the I-D. I believe a
reasonable case for a generic designator exists along side
less generic designators. If the I-D presented a rationale for
the use of a generic "UTF-8" then I think that would be acceptable.
I would expect the I-D to discuss the merits and faults of this


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