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From: Michael Everson (EVERSON@IRLEARN.UCD.IE)
Date: Mon Nov 21 1994 - 08:25:52 EST

As part of a work item for CEN/TC304, I have spent much of the last
year designing a monowidth font to support as much of ISO 10646 as
possible. It is an ongoing project; I have 26 of the Tables completed
so far. I will be releasing these as PostScript fonts in Macintosh,
PC, NeXT, and Sun formats (because that's what Fontographer exports
right now). All characters are the same width in this font, except for
those zero-width combining characters which are, well, zero-width,
and for the space-per-em punctuation characters whose existence is
nothing without width. I hope to begin releasing the fonts within a
month's time, but I would like to ask for volunteers to test the
Sun version. The first batch to be released will be Latin, the second
batch will be Greek and Cyrillic, then Arabic and Hebrew, then
other things. These fonts will be shareware for individual
use unless you are a member of CEN/TC304 or a member of ISO/IEC
JTC1/SC2/WG2, in which case they will be free for use in
standardization; the secretariats of other standards working groups
can apply to me for a standardization licence. Other details
will be in the licence which comes with the fonts.

They're monowidth fonts because I figured no one else would go to
the trouble for such a large set of characters. (I have no plans to
support Han at present but I will be doing just about everything

This is just a preliminary announcement and a request for a Sun-
beta-tester. Hopefully the first batch will be ready for a Yuletide
release. The delay at present is chiefly because I'm trying to get
the 9-, 10-, and 12-point bitmaps into shape.

If anyone has any particular dislikes about any of the glyphs in
10646 or in Unicode (apart from Latvian letters with "cedillas",
Sami barred gs with the bar in the wrong place, or control-character
pictures with letters rather than symbols), please make them known
to me and I may yet be able to take them into account.

Best wishes,
Michael Everson
Everson Gunn Teoranta
15 Port Chaeimhghein I/ochtarach
Baile A/tha Cliath 2

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