Addendum to CJK 2.4 (!)

From: Werner Lemberg (
Date: Thu Jan 19 1995 - 15:42:29 EST

I just have uploaded the newest version of CJK to .
It should be available soon in tex-archive/languages/chinese/CJK on all
CTAN hosts (,, and its mirrors.

In a separate posting you will find a complete description of CJK.

Happy TeXing!



Version 2.4: new:
3-Jan-1995 UTF 8 (Unicode) scheme added.

                    option `unicode' to hbf2gf added: if `on', a two-digit
                      hexadecimal number will be used as a running number
                      starting with the value of the first byte of the first
                      code range.

                    Bg5conv.tex added: this is a small preprocessor which
                      converts Big 5 encoded characters `XY' into the form
                      `XZZZ.' . Now you can use Big 5 encoding without the
                      annoying Bg5text environment.
                      Auxiliary files: Bg5pp.enc, pmCsmpp.enc, and
                      bg5latex.bat .

                    new versions of emx.exe, emx.dll (ver. 0.9a) and rsx.exe
                      (rel. 5)

                    hbf2gf sometimes drew one pixel too much
                      (You Rey-Jer <>).

                    pmC encodings didn't work
                      (Zhang Zhengyou <>).

                    \CJK@charToHex and \CJK@numbToHex could erroneously change
                      page counter (Li Yu-Ray <>).

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