Re: ANSI-C like ctype macros for Unicode.

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Mon Feb 20 1995 - 21:12:26 EST

You wrote:

> > Hi,
> > I am looking for ANSI-C type alike macros and functions
like they
> > are found in the ctype.h header file.
> > It contains for example: isalnum,isalpha,isdigit....
> >
> > I know that things can get more complicated with Unicode but I
> > to start somewhere.
Another source:
If you can get your hands on Microsoft's VisualC++ 2.0, the header file
there to look at is tchar.h.

>Peter, with AIX 4.1 we ship thea "Developers Toolkit for Unicode" that
>contains the source file for the UNIVERSAL locale that defines the
>behavior which includes a lot of what you want.
>If you can get a hold of a AIX 4.1 system with the toolkit installed
>you should be able to find it in
> /usr/lpp/Unicode/loc/UNIVERSAL.src
>In source form it is approx. .75M ... so I am not including it in this
>If you desire, I can send it to you.
>John, can you check about putting this on the Unicode server?
> > If these functions are not available, are there any tables
> > from which these functions can be build up more easily.
>When running under the UNIVERSAL locale all the standard ANSI functions
>provide Unicode classification.

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