Unicode vs GB 2312

Date: Wed Mar 29 1995 - 11:43:00 EST

Hi, Every one:

Here is a new point of view about GB 2312.

From: Sy Wong <sywong@markv.com>
To: czkbc@cunyvm.cuny.edu
Subject: GB2312
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 19:12:07 PST


Some of your respondents apparently have no appreciation of the Chinese
language and the economy. GB2312 actually is very well designed, with
the more frequently used charcters supported also by pinying, using
English alphabets, not the obsolete Taiwan Wu Setze weird pinying character
very few will remember after grade school.

For occasional users, pinying saved lots of grief learning the 5-stroke
system. If for each pinying sound comes out a flood of rare characters,
word processing will be greatly slowed. To pick a random set of similar
sounding frequently used sounds from the entire CJK set may not be a
simple task.

SY Wong, 1995.3.28
z sywong MARKV 3/28/95
'Sy Wong czkbc@cunyvm.cuny.e 3/28/95 GB2312

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