FW: Mapping tables and Book Schedule

From: Lori Hoerth (lorih@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri Mar 31 1995 - 10:11:13 EST

I have mapping tables for the below code pages which I will put on the
CD as I have them unless I get PC and EBCDIC code pages from someone at
IBM and MAC code pages from Apple. These will be on the FTP server today.
        Greek I
        Latin 2

Since I'm not on this alias, please respond to me directly if you add
code page tables, or have comments on those that I place on the server.

Thanks - Lori (lorih@microsoft.com)
From: Murray Sargent
To: Lori Hoerth
Subject: FW: Mapping tables and Book Schedule
Date: 1995. March 30. 18:00DU

From: Lloyd Honomichl <LLOYD_HONOMICHL@Novell.COM>
To: <unicore@Unicode.ORG>
Subject: Mapping tables and Book Schedule
Date: Thursday, March 30, 1995 3:57PM

Hello all!

Has anything happened to the book schedule that I failed to hear
about? I thought we'd have drafts around now.

Also, the CDROM area on the FRTP site doesn't seem to have the
following tables that were in Version 1, Volume 1:

ISO 8879 (SGML)
ISO DIS 6862.2
Adobe character sets
Mac character sets
PC Code pages
EBCDIC code pages

Seems we ought to have more mapping tables in Version 2 than 1, not
less. Doesn't anyone have softcopy of these? (I have _some_ and
will supply them to the appropriate vendors if needed.)


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