Question re Hebrew Point Characters

From: Rene' Hack -- TMG (
Date: Fri Apr 07 1995 - 08:53:04 EDT

I would appreciate any information with regards to the following:

In the specs that I have (Guide to Macintosh Software Localization) of the
Macintosh Hebrew Character Set, both characters 203 dec / CB hex and 222 dec /
DE hex show a glyph that I find as 05B8 "Hebrew Point Qamats" in Unicode.

My Israel spokespeople say the second of these Macintosh characters should be
"Hebrew Point Qamats Katan" that I cannot find in Unicode.

My questions: is the Macintosh spec wrong or right in showing one and the same
glyph for two code points? If wrong, what are these code points?

What is "Hebrew Point Qamats Katan" in Unicode (composed or uncomposed)?

Thanks in Advance.

Kind Regards,

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