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Date: Mon May 22 1995 - 14:15:31 EDT

At 9:43 AM 5/22/95, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Mail*Link(r) SMTP FWD>unicode/Japanese
>I am forwarding this question. Please respond directly to Mr. Akachan.
>Thank you.
>Date: 5/21/95 1:26 PM
>I've donwloaded some jis tables to use Japanese. My question is How do I use
>the files from JIS to view Japanese Characters. Especially since I need to
>view files in Japanese on the Internet!
>Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Be aware that "akachan" means "baby" in Japanese, so this is undoubtedly a
nickname on AOL, not his/her real name.

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